MOON Updates: January 2023

By: Objects & Order

In preparation for our Modules release, we’ve updated some key areas of MOON.
Updated: 1/26/2023

New 7-Day Trial

You can now start a Base with a 7-day trial - no credit card required.

Base Settings & Member Functionality

Subscription information was updated to show additional line-items. Member functionality updated and enhanced.

Grid and List Layout Views

View objects in a Grid or as a List. Show additional information for your Objects with List View (more about this soon).

Actions Menu

New menu added to MOON sections (Objects, Files, and Blueprint pages) to help consolidate available actions. More functionality coming soon.

Select All and Deselect All

You can now select all or deselect all objects using the actions menu.

Bulk Object Actions

Change Blueprint and Delete actions are now available. Update multiple objects at once.

Thumbnail Sizes

Additional image sizes are now created when uploading an image to your Base.

Slideshow Module

We added the ability to position images vertically. This allows more control over an image’s focal point on screen. We adjusted the fade transition and slide functionality. We’re excited to release our first Slideshow Module soon!


Drag and drop of Blueprint rows was adjusted for a better user experience when using the drag handles. We implemented numerous UI updates to the field editor , including updated select fields, notes, and field types.