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Objects and Order creates software, sites, and systems for museums, artists, and collectors.

Objects and Order was founded in 2022, and we launched the MOON Object System and EXH.CAT that same year. In 2023, we added the ability to publish embeddable digital features with Modules. In 2024, we're working on Exhibition Lab, our platform for creating and sharing outstanding digital exhibitions.

We believe:

  • Digital experiences, tools, and exhibitions should be as original and engaging as the ideas and objects that inspire them.
  • Systems should be a pleasure — not an effort — to use. We prioritize flexibility, minimalism, and clarity so your objects and content can be your focus.
  • You should always have the ability to structure and share your object data and media in the way that works best for you.



Christina Aube, PhD Chief Operating Officer

Christina (Christa) is an art historian and exhibitions specialist who holds a Ph.D. in Art History from the University of Delaware. Prior to co-founding Objects and Order, she gained extensive experience planning major projects that showcased and contextualized objects, both as an exhibitions coordinator and as a co-curator. Christa now focuses on helping museum teams, gallerists, collectors, and artists organize and share information about objects. She also manages EXH.CAT, a searchable database of U.S. exhibitions.


Jason Taylor Chief Technology Officer

Jason is a multidisciplinary designer, developer, and technologist whose award-winning work for agencies and institutions combines a minimalist, typographically driven aesthetic with creative development. Through designing and building custom applications, tools, sites, and publishing systems for visual effects and motion design firms, he developed expertise in structuring project data and creating compelling visual content. Jason believes there is an intrinsic link between design, art, and code, which informs his approach to creative technology at Objects and Order.

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