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Objects and Order creates software, sites, and systems for arts and cultural organizations, artists, and collectors.

We believe:

  • Digital experiences, tools, and exhibitions should be as original and engaging as the ideas that inspire them.
  • Systems should be a pleasure — not an effort — to use. We prioritize flexibility, minimalism, and clarity so your objects and content can be your focus.
  • You should always have the ability to structure and share your object data in the way that works best for you.



Christina Aube, PhD Chief Operating Officer

An art historian and exhibitions specialist, Christa cofounded O&O to help organizations and artists structure object data and share beautifully designed, engaging exhibition projects.


Jason Taylor Chief Technology Officer

Jason is a multi-disciplinary designer, developer, and technologist. His award-winning work for agencies and institutions combines a minimalist aesthetic with typographic expertise and creative development.

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