Product Roadmap


What's next? Explore our top-level roadmap to see plans for the future of Objects & Order, object management, content modules, digital exhibitions, and more.

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  • Exhibition Lab Launch


    Summer 2024 Upcoming
  • Timeline Module

    Module for creating custom timelines using objects, images, and additional content.

    Summer 2024 Upcoming
  • Blueprint Templates

    Create predefined object blueprints (schemas) with default, editable fields for various object types and data standards (for example, Dublin Core elements).

    Spring 2024 Upcoming
  • Object Checklist Module

    Module for creating searchable, sortable exhibition checklists.

    Spring 2024 Upcoming
  • Exhibition Lab Beta

    Closed beta access to test our Exhibition Lab interface and functionality: create and publish digital exhibitions.

    Spring 2024 Upcoming
  • Comparison Module

    Module for comparing up to three object images side-by-side.

    Winter 2024 In Progress
  • MOON Object System API

    API to provide MOON Base owners robust tools for custom integrations and comprehensive access to Base JSON data, enhancing control and customization of their object collections.

    Winter 2024 In Progress
  • Slideshow Module Release

    Module for creating responsive slideshows using multiple objects and media: images, audio, and video.

    September 2023 Completed
  • Modules Launch with Featured Object Module

    The Featured Object Module (FOM) allows you to share an object from your MOON Base via a custom Objects and Order URL or a short code snippet on your site. AWS-SDK updates for private and public assets.

    July 2023 Completed
  • MOON Updates — Prepare for Modules

    Updated core components and functionality for the upcoming Module System

    March 2023 Completed
  • EXH.CAT Launch

    Released our ongoing catalog of exhibitions database with the ability to search, sort, and save exhibitions.

    December 2022 Completed
  • Official Launch with the MOON Object System MVP

    Launch of MOON Object System MVP with Bases, Blueprints, DataSets, Objects, and Media Files.

    September 2022 Completed
  • Objects and Order Soft Launch

    Initial site launch with basic MOON Object System access and functionality.

    August 2022 Completed