MOON Updates: August 2023 - Modules

By: Objects and Order

Modules, the Module Builder, and what's next.

Now you can build and share content from your collection in exciting new ways. Read more: Introducing Modules!


  • Added actions to create Modules from selected object/s.
  • Introduced the Featured Object Module, for highlighting a single object.

Module Builder

  • Responsive UI for selecting and sorting field data and media from existing objects.
  • Module type determines field data, media, layout, and appearance settings.
  • Default Module options include: columns, padding, fonts, font weight, line-height(leading), letterspacing(tracking), margins, colors, aspect-ratio, width, etc.
  • Double-click field data in the viewer to open a custom style/settings editor.
  • Drag-and-Drop field data and media sorting.
  • Toggle fields on and off for display.
  • Multiple image, audio, and video slides with navigation and captions.
  • Publishing a Module will create a viewable public url on
  • Deployment settings allow you to specify a url at which you can embed the Module via a small code snippet.
  • Tour functionality added to highlight key UI areas.

Module Media Player

Minimalist, responsive audio and video player for object assets.

  • Play/pause and scrubbing functionality.
  • Double-click video for full-screen display.
  • UI colors and fonts match Module settings.

What's Next

There are several Modules planned and in development.

  • Slideshow
  • Data points
  • Comparison
  • Presentation
  • Timeline

We'll keep you posted.