All About EXH.CAT

By: Christina Aube

Missing a fantastic exhibition is the pits. You were absolutely going to see it, but got super busy. Time just slipped away from you. Now it’s closed.

  • You’ll never see those works exhibited together in the same space.
  • You missed an innovative, once-in-a-lifetime, multi-sensory display of a favorite object.
  • You lost out on a chance to view an artist’s work at a pivotal moment in their career.

Exhibition regret is real. 😞

EXH.CAT can help help prevent it.


What is EXH.CAT?

EXH.CAT (from the abbreviation for "exhibition catalog") is our color-coded catalog of U.S. exhibitions. Search the exhibitions database by keyword to see what’s on view or what’s coming up soon near you.

How to Search EXH.CAT

  • Select Current, Upcoming, Past, Digital, or All.
  • Keyword search by exhibition title, artist’s name, city, museum, theme, medium, etc.
  • Search a particular day using this format: YYYY-MM-DD (for example, 2023-07-25).

Your EXH.CAT Search Results

EXH.CAT Results

  • The band of color indicates whether an exhibition is current (blue), closing soon (red), upcoming (green), past (dark gray), or digital (purple).
  • Sort by exhibition title, institution name, opening date, or closing date.
  • Each entry includes a link to the exhibition’s web page at the presenting institution (when available). This makes it easy to search and then explore the pages to learn more.
  • Add a star by your favorites so you won’t forget to go!

The EXH.CAT database includes almost 10,000 exhibitions, and we're adding more every month.