MOON Updates: May 2023

By: Objects and Order

Major updates!

We’re near the end of May already? April was spent preparing Modules for release. This lead to improvements that took a bit longer than anticipated. Modules are coming! #soon

Assets (images, audio, video, etc.)

  • Migration of Base assets: We’ve migrated all base assets from our existing cloud storage to a more robust and scalable storage solution (AWS SDK).
  • New Asset APIs: We’ve created new APIs that integrate seamlessly with the new cloud storage.
  • Security: We’ve heightened security for object assets.
  • Caching + CDN: Simple asset caching has been implemented for both base and user assets.
  • New Libraries: We’ve integrated new libraries to enhance our image production and conversion capabilities.
  • Apple HEIC: Updated support for Apple HEIC (images).
  • Components: Updates to all components using assets across MOON.


  • Updated default data: Sandbox default data and hero image assets.
  • Update Screen: Added an update screen for Sandbox Bases created prior to this update. Updating will replace your Sandbox content and assets with the latest data and images.


  • Module Pricing: Updated and integrated into Base settings.
  • Featured Object Editor and UI: ready for merge.
  • Featured Object Viewer and UI: ready for merge.
  • Featured Object Options and UI: nearly complete.
  • Integration: Ready for merge.

In addition, we’ve made various style adjustments, cleaned up and reformatted code, fixed minor bugs, and added some fun interactions.

Have you had a chance to experience the updates? We’d really appreciate your feedback.