Using DataSets

DataSets are controlled, selectable lists that help ensure consistency, eliminate misspellings, and make data entry even easier. You can use DataSets in any Blueprint in your Base.

When should you use DataSets? It depends on your informational needs. DataSets are great for medium descriptions, lists of artists, geologic eras, etc., wherever a list with a controlled vocabulary and format is helpful.

We recommend DataSets for any fields you plan to use across multiple Blueprints.

How to Add and Use a DataSet

Go to the Blueprints page to add a new DataSet. Click or tap the plus icon to create a DataSet.

Blueprints and Datasets

We'll name this DataSet Photography Status.

Add a DataSet

Open the DataSet to add custom options.

DataSet List

Add your options. For this DataSet, we added:

  • Photographed Pre-2020
  • Photographed Post-2020
  • Not Photographed.

You can add or delete an element at any time. Remember to save.

List of options

When you create a new field in a Blueprint (we labeled this one Photography Status) and select DataSet as your field type, you can choose to use the Photography Status DataSet.

DataSet in a Blueprint

Then, when you enter data for an object using that Blueprint, the selectable options will appear as a dropdown list in your Photography Status field. Here we selected Not Photographed for this object.

DataSet in Use

DataSets give you even more control over how you structure your object data.

Have questions or want to strategize about DataSets? Get in touch