Sharing a Module

You created a Module – wow, does it look fantastic! Now you’re ready to share this engaging object content.

With a monthly Base subscription, you can create as many modules as you like. You can publish and share one Module via url and/or embed it on your own site. (With a 7-day Base trial, you can create as many modules as you like, but you won’t be able to share until you subscribe.)

If you’d like to display more than one Module, you can add additional Modules to your Base subscription in Settings.

Publishing A Module

When you’re ready to share your module, you’ll publish it.

  • This will create an Objects and Order url at which your responsive module can be viewed.
  • You’ll also have the option to embed the lightweight Module on your own website. An embedded Module will not display Objects & Order branding and will not set cookies.
  • Need to make updates to a published Module? No problem – it’s easy to edit and republish.
  • Please Note: to publish, view, embed, and republish a Module, your Base subscription must remain active.
  • Review the Acceptable Use Policy.

Step 1:

From the menu, select Publish.

Select Publish

Step 2:

Click on Published or select View in the menu. The Module will be displayed in a new window.

View Your Published Module

Check out this engaging sample Module - and try out the slideshow:

Share your Module url with whoever you like. PLEASE NOTE: Once you share the link, remember that recipients of the link could share it with others.

The Module url will not be indexed unless you opt in to making it indexable (option coming soon).

Embedding A Module

Step 1:

In the Module Editor, under Settings, select Deployment.

Deployment of a Module

Step 2:

Enter the site url at which the Module will be embedded. You can only deploy the Module on one deployment url.

Step 3:

Copy the short embed code and paste it into your website’s html. You may need to add to your firewall allowlist and/or your site’s Content Security Policy (CSP). Need help? Reach out.

Step 4:

Override Module CSS variables and styles as necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: If the Module becomes unavailable (for example, if it's unpublished or deleted), a Content Unavailable message will display on the site on which it's embedded.

As long as your Module remains published, your Base subscription remains active, and the embed code is correctly inserted, the embedded Module will display on your site.

Update A Module

It’s easy to update your published Module! Edit or add text, select an additional media file, change your title or update your palette. Always remember to Save.

When you’re ready, select Publish Updates from the menu. You may need to clear your cache to view the updated version.

Publish Updates

Unpublish a Module

Remember: with a standard Base subscription, you can share one Module at a time.

You might decide to unpublish one Module and then publish another (for example, if it was time to showcase another “Object of the Month,” or if you wanted to highlight another of your latest works).

From the menu, select Unpublish.

Unpublish a Module

PLEASE NOTE: When you unpublish a Module it returns to draft form, and the url for that Module will no longer be active. If you publish that same Module again, it will have the same url.

PLEASE NOTE: If the unpublished Module is embedded, a Content Unavailable message will be displayed on the site on which it is embedded. If you publish that same Module again, the embedded Module will display.

If you do not intend to publish the Module again, remove the embed code from your site.

Delete a Module

If you decide to delete your Module, select Delete from the menu and confirm your preference.

PLEASE NOTE: If you delete a Module that is embedded on your site, a "Content Unavailable" message will be displayed on the site. You must remove the embed code.

Select Publish

Module Count

From the Modules page, you’ll be able to see all your Modules. For published modules, you’ll see a count with the number of views (total via url and embed).

Modules Page

Adding Modules

If you’d like to share more than one Module at a time (of course you would!), you can easily add Modules to your Base subscription in Settings. Add a Module 20-Pack to your subscription for $25 per month. Visit Pricing for more information.

View of Multiple Modules