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Project Planning with MOON

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Object and Order’s MOON Object System is an amazing planning tool.

Whether you’re preparing for an exhibition, digital project, or publication, you can collaborate with your team and streamline efforts. Access and update project data in one space, instead of across multiple applications or in files with numerous versions.

If your institution has a legacy Collections Management System, you can upload existing, relevant object data from your CMS to start planning your project with MOON. Check out our CSV Import Guidelines.

Start a New MOON Base

If you don’t have a MOON Base yet, create a project-specific Base, subscribe, and invite your project team. Your Core Blueprint could include everything you need for organizing your project. Then just add your objects!

Use an Existing MOON Base

If you already have a MOON Base, add a new Blueprint for your project and add project-specific labeled fields. Switch selected objects from their current Blueprint to the project Blueprint (you can switch back at any time).

In your new Blueprint, create a field that will contain the project name – that way you’ll be able to search for that project across all your objects. For example, you could add a “Long Text” field type labeled “Projects,” where you could list every project in which objects are included. Or, you could create a DataSet for your projects and use the Select: DataSet field type. Another option is to add Tags with project names - it's up to you!

Other labeled Blueprint fields for an exhibition project might include:

  • Exhibition Section
  • Label text - English
  • Label text - Spanish
  • Frame Information
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When you plan a project with MOON, you can create, update, and share the information you need to make your project a resounding success. Want to discuss project planning strategies and goals with us? Get in touch