Project Planning with MOON

Object and Order’s MOON Object System is an ideal space for organizing object-based projects.

Whether you’re preparing an exhibition, a tour for elementary schoolers, a digital campaign, or a collection survey — any project with objects — you can collaborate with your team and successfully streamline efforts.

Access and update data, content, and media in one space, instead of across multiple applications. Stop spending tons of time searching through folders of jpgs and version after version of docs and spreadsheets, all marked "final."

Project Kickoff - Let's Get Started!

If you already have a MOON Base, just add a new Blueprint for your project.

If you don’t have a MOON Base yet, it’s easy to start one for your project, whether you begin with a 7-day free trial (no credit card required) or with a monthly Base subscription.

Create a Project Blueprint

Add a Blueprint and select Project.

Add a project Blueprint

Add project-specific fields to your Blueprint, along with helpful section headings. What information is important to you and your team? You can add and update fields as your project progresses.

You can also add a description of your project under Settings.

Need help customizing your Blueprint? Check out Art of the Blueprint.

Customize your project Blueprint

Organize Objects in your Project

Now it’s time for the objects.

Do you already have objects in your Base that you’d like to include in your project? From an Object page, go to your Blueprints dropdown. Click the check mark for the project Blueprint.

Associate this Blueprint to an Object

When you click on your project Blueprint, you’ll see the project-related fields you created. Enter and save object information. Notice the helpful section headers with the fields collapsed! Just click the arrow to expand.

Viewing a Project Blueprint

Would you like to add new objects for your project? You can do this by adding single objects and entering information, or by uploading a CSV. Learn more in Adding Objects.

Add Project-Related Files

Add project-related media files and other files for the objects in your project.

Files page

Click on a file to add caption, alt text, credits, and rights information. Here we've added a display title and caption for a video.

File page for a video

View Objects in Your Project

Once objects are associated with your project Blueprint, you can filter objects by this Blueprint.

Filter by Project

Want to preview your objects? Click the check mark in the upper left had corner, and then click Preview.

Select Project Objects

Click the left and right arrows to view your objects.

Preview Objects

Share Engaging Project Information

You and your team have planned and launched an outstanding project! Now you're ready to show off your insights and learnings. With Modules, you can create an engaging digital feature to highlight an object or a group of objects. With your Base subscription, you can publish a Module and share it via url or embed it on your own site.

Learn more about creating and sharing Modules.

Featured object Module for an object in a project

The Project’s Over

As long as your Base subscription is active, you can keep your project information in your Base for as long as you need it. You can also download your data (as CSV or JSON) and your project files.

The monthly Base subscription offers tremendous flexibility. If you started your Base just for the project, after downloading your project data and files, you might decide to end your subscription. Then you can start a new Base when you're ready for your next project!

When you and your team use the MOON Object System for a project, you can create, update, access, and share your data and content to make it a resounding success.

Want to discuss project planning strategies and goals with us? Get in touch.