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Navigating "All Data"

This section displays all the data recorded for an object across every Blueprint in your MOON Base. If you have a field labeled “Printmaker” in Blueprint A, and a field labeled “Frame style” in Blueprint B, and you’re using Blueprint C, which has neither field, but used to have a field labeled “Bibliography” that you deleted last week, any data you had entered and saved in any of those fields would show up in that object’s “All Data” section, no matter which Blueprint you use.

“All Data” includes both current data (for existing Blueprint fields) and historical data (for fields that were deleted from Blueprints that had saved information). You can download a single object’s “All Data” information as a JSON file.

In the “All Data” section, the object information is preceded by the unique field id (for example, “artist-nationality” is the field id for a Blueprint field labeled “Artist Nationality”). Field ids appear in alphabetical order.

If there’s content in “All Data” that you would like to show when using a specific Blueprint (for example, object information for the field id “artist-nationality,” just add a field labeled “Artist Nationality” to the Blueprint. The information from “All Data” will now be displayed when you view an object using that Blueprint.

all data section