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Adding Objects

You’ve perfected your Object Blueprints – good job! Now it’s time to start adding your objects and inputting information.

Add a Single Object

To add a new object to your Base, click or tap the + icon on your Objects Page. Give the object a title and select the ideal Blueprint from the dropdown list (your Core Blueprint will be selected by default). If the ideal Blueprint for this type of object doesn’t exist, create it!

add objects modal

The Blueprint selection determines the form fields in which you’ll enter data. Enter the object information into the fields and then save with the “Save Object” button at lower left. You may get a message prompting you to add required information. Required fields are indicated by an asterisk.

For a Tag field, you’ll enter key words for searching (for example, “portrait,” “single figure,” “hat.” Tip: be consistent with your use of uppercase or lowercase for tags (“Hat” and “hat” are two different tags).

Import a Batch of Objects

  • If you have a group of objects to upload, determine the ideal Blueprint for that particular batch.
  • From the MOON menu, go to Blueprints. Go to the Blueprint Page for your selected Blueprint. Click on “Download CSV Template.” Column headings in the CSV template will match the field ids in that Blueprint exactly.
  • Please see the CSV Import Guidelines.
  • Once you’ve input and saved the information in the CSV, go to the Objects Page from the MOON menu.
  • Filter your objects by Blueprint and choose your selected Blueprint.
  • Click on the upload icon to import your Blueprint Objects. You can upload information for 500 objects at a time. You’ll receive a message letting you know if the objects were imported successfully.

Voilà, the group of objects has been added to your Base!

Add Files

Once you’ve added your objects, you can add an image (jpg, png, webp, or gif), video (mp4), audio (mp3), or pdf. The file size limit is 50 MB.

adding files

For images, please wait for the files to load and appear onscreen before you leave the page. If you upload multiple images for an object, select the representative “Hero Image” by clicking the star to the right of the file name. That image will display on your Objects Page.

For each image you add to your Files, you can add a caption, Alt text, rights and credit information, and notes. Remember to save the information.

image information