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object collection

The MOON Object System is a flexible, user-friendly, and composable platform designed for museum teams, galleries, curators, collectors, and artists. Organize object data and share outstanding projects.

Manage, meet imagine

You have amazing objects. Organize data, content, and media with ease.

Your objects, your projects

Create, collaborate, and share outstanding projects with your objects.

Museum Teams

  • Organize up to 10,000 objects – whether it’s an entire collection or a selection of works.
  • Collaborate on exhibitions, catalogs, or any type of project featuring objects. Ditch the spreadsheets.
  • Coming soon: Create outstanding object displays to share on your own site.


  • Skip the spreadsheet with the tiny thumbnails. Organize your objects and plan exhibitions and other projects visually.
  • Easily update object information as projects evolve.
  • Coming soon: Generate presentations with your objects in seconds – never wrangle captions and jpgs again.


  • Customize information for any type of collection object – paintings, prints, fossils, rare books, movie posters, vintage vinyl, or all of the above.
  • You don’t have to try to make your objects fit into predefined categories. Display the data you want to see.
  • Coming soon: Create and share digital exhibitions.


  • Organize your studio works and document your artistic practice.
  • Capture the information that’s important to you, and add images, video, and audio files.
  • Coming soon: Create a portfolio or highlight your latest work. Embed on your own site or share with a link.

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